Terrain for Trains Layout - The Quarry

Painted "N" scale ( currently in stock )


Preformed Layout Bases Makes Building Fun and Easy

Terrain for Trains layout bases  take the hard work out of layout building. These one-piece, molded plastic forms are perfect for folks with limited space or anyone interested in pursuing non-traditional layout building.

All of the scenic forms, including rocks, streams, roads, mountains and railroad right-of-way are molded in place. Simply glue the interlocking layout sections together; no major tools are needed, and complete instructions are provided. Support risers are included that install on the underside of the layout, providing support and creating a firm structure. Then add track, trains, structures and other scenery details (all sold separately) to complete construction. The basic form weighs between eight to 10 pounds, so its easy to move or store between operating sessions. HO Scale bases are designed for use with Atlas Code 83 or 100 track; maximum curve radius is 18. 

 Forms are available pre-painted or unpainted.

Available in HO and N Scales:

N Scale High Sierra Unpainted
N Scale High Sierra Painted
N Scale
Rocky Ridge Unpainted
N Scale
Rocky Ridge Painted

HO Scale Timber Ridge Unpainted
HO Scale Timber Ridge Painted
HO Tunnel Addition Unpainted
HO Tunnel Addition Painted


TFT1025 N Scale The Quarry (painted)
TFT1020 N Scale The Quarry (un-painted)
  HO Scale The Quarry (painted)
  HO Scale The Quarry (un-painted)



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