HO Scale Built-up City Water Tower      $29.98 Each:

933-2825 Black

933-2826 Silver


The new Cornerstone Series(R) Built-up city Water Tower is one model you can't do without. Water towers are everywhere, and up through the 1960s, towers like the model were still being constructed. As a result, many are still in use. Because they're so widely found and have been around since the steam era, any layout can use at least one. The Built-up City Water Towers are packed with detail and add realism to any layout in minutes.

 Features include:

  •  Lattice tower supports

  •  Conical roof

  •  Caged ladder up one leg

  •  Wire "X" bracing rods 

  •  Concrete base with footings.

  •  3-3/4 x 3-3/4 x 11 tall"

Also included are alphabet decals so you can add town names.


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