NEW---- HO Gas-Electrics from WALTHERS

 A Whole Train In A Single Car

The new Walthers EMC 60' Gas-Electric with St. Louis Car Co. Body is typical of cars used across North America. Like their mid-1920s prototypes, these ready-to-run, powered models feature a baggage/express section at the front and coach seating in the rear. 
The models are also equipped with a directional, working front headlight, rear working knuckle coupler, interior and a smooth-running, flywheel-equipped mechanism - perfect for the slower speeds of branchline operation. 

932-6281 CB&Q
932-6282 LV
932-6283 NP
932-6284 UP
932-6285 GN
932-6286 Boston & Maine
932-6287 CNW
932-6288 Maryland & Pennsylvania
932-6289 B&O
932-6290 SOO
932-6281 Undecorated

............................... $59.98 each

Self-contained gas-electric "Doodlebugs" bring the romance of secondary and branchline passenger trains to HO Scale.

 These cars were entire self-propelled trains in a single car. Cheaper to operate than locomotive-hauled trains, gas-electric cars meandered along the continent's branches and secondaries, making all stops while delivering less-than-carload freight, mail and passengers. 


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